Friday, December 9, 2011


I've heard that in the wedding in India, the groom's families and friends make their way from near by hotel where they get ready for the wedding to where the bride, her families and friends wait for them to come.

I went to India recently for the first time with my bf, and we had a chance to go to his friend's wedding.

The photos and my explanations will show how fun it was to be there:) 

 The broom on the horse surrounded by his families and friends.

 The broom on the horse dancing to his friends:)

We shouldn't forget that music bands and the people holding the electric lamp are also a part of the people celebrating the wedding:)

 People celebrating the wedding.

Lady group dancing:) 

Happiest & sweetest man the groom's dad.
He encouraged me to dance. 

My bf dancing with his friends from college.

 After reaching to the ceremonial hall, the broom go on a stage and waits for his fiance to come.
Others will keep celebrating by dancing on the other stage.

The bride with her families and friends coming in to the ceremonial hall.

The bride looks very pretty:) 

Here is the groom waiting for the bride to be his wife:) 

The broom helps the bride to come up on the stage. 

Finally they are on the stage together:)
So cute!

The broom and the bride exchanged "mala" lei. 

 Such a cute couple.

The wedding is not done yet. This is a part of the ceremony.
We had to leave during this ceremony, so I apologize for incomplete story:p

We had so much fun:)

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